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Enemies and Lovers

a Kickstarter project
Game created by Holly Black featuring artwork by Frostbite Studios.

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Enemies and Lovers

Enemies and Lovers is a card game writen by my wife, Holly Black. and features beautiful illustrations by Frostbite Studios. For this project I did the card back, all the kickstarter graphics, product photos, package design for the tuck box and a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting. This has been the second Kickstarter project I've worked on and I'm very proud of what the three of us did.


This Kickstarter project launced on May 1st 2024. The game created was created by my wife, Holly Black. Here is the her descriptionof the game - Enemies and Lovers: The Crowl of ElfhameBased on The Cruel Prince series, a fast-paced, lushly illustrated card game of strategy, deception, and betrayal for 2-4 players.


Game Description
Enemies & Lovers is a lightweight, fast-paced card game of strategy, deception, and betrayal for 2-4 players, based on Holly Black’s bestselling Folk of the Air series. If you enjoy scheming great schemes, toasting to the incompetence of your enemies, gorgeous art, and a lot of shiny foil, this is the game for you!.

Fiddler at the MET, Created 2003

Personal Work

I did this one back in the day while I was getting my Masters at SVA


Pen and Ink Work

I did for Simonand Shuster and White Wolf
and myself.

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Penand Ink Work

These are six Pen and Ink pieces I have done for various things. The top right and left pieces were done for Cassandra Clare and Josh Lewis for their Codex published by Simon and Shuster. The Devil in the top middle was for the Jersey Devil Con T shirt when I was a guest of honor. The bottomleft piece was a business card and the other two were for White Wolf.


I have two tarantulas, a whip scorpion and a zombie crab. I also have four cats and my son has a bearded dragon and an axolotl. We all like animal friend and I have illustrated a number of them for zoos, breeders and pet stores.


Mostly I have done ink work for book interiors but also a fabric pattern once and some tattoo flash work..

Video for a thing

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Video not here yet but will be on youtube
for a thing I'm working on

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I worked ona Kickstarter for

The Valley of Flowers

published by Nine Pin Press
Written by Jed Berry and Andy McAlpine

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The Valley of Flowers

First seen on Kickstarter. Quest through an Arthurian fever dream realm of perilous beauty in this sandbox campaign setting for tabletop role-playing games.


The Valley of Flowers is a fantasy campaign setting of mythic adventure designed for use with old school tabletop role-playing games. Inspired by Arthurian literature and weird fiction, the book features 144 full-color pages of succinct yet vivid descriptions of locations, encounters, characters, rumors, and adventure sites.


Written and designed by Jedediah Berry and Andrew McAlpine Edited by Emily R. Houk Cover illustration by Kathleen Jennings
Interior illustrations by Pamela Acosta, me, Ian Reed, and Evangeline Gallagher

...and some

Bar Munus

just to make my portfolio more random than it already is.
There are done for my New Years Party that I have been doing for years.

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Menus and Labels

My wife and I do this New Years Party and every year I do the menu. I've also done restaurant menus, label design for booze. Also for food and hair care products too.

New Years Menus

For the Sci Fi New Years Party I got to sink my teeth into the project. That Menu is all me. For the others I basically used Photoshop to make King Arthur and Storm look like they were drinking.


Most of the art I tortured to make the New Years posters are fromold masters and clip art but the bottom right one is a piece fromone of my favorite artists of all time, Time Bradstreet

and some...


as a kid I read this book and I have been drawing faeries ever since.
In case anyone was wondering, the top two characters are Kay and Roiben from my wife's books.

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Past Client ListFor Illustration, Design, and Photography

Holly Black, Phantom Mill Games, Small Beer Press, The Vermont Herpetofauna and Nature Center, The Jones Library, Simon and Shuster, Penguin Books, El Cherufe, Marvel Comics, Wizards of the Coast, d8 Pagazine, White Wolf Publishing, Steve Jackson Games, Chaosium, The AmericanTarantula Society, Bud K World Wide, Tattoo Flash Magazine, Maybeline, Roadmaster LTD, Merck, Lilly, Daler Rowney, Hekaforge Productions, Troll Lord Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, Mongoose Publishing, Topotaco.

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